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AWAS ZLD - Zero Liquid Discharge

To convert highly concentrated Wastewater into clear water and dry Matter?

We will show you how it works!

1. Step: Nano-Flotation

Using light and frequencies treatment different dissolved matters in wastewater can be particulated and floated by the ADF Flotation in full flow and may be led directly to the evaporator.

2. Step: Circular Disc RO-Membrane

Concentrated reverse osmosis (RO) wastewater rotating in a vortex system is separated through high-pressure RO membranes in a treated water stream and in a highly concentrated liquid.

3. Step: Vacuum Evaporation and Crystallization

A final reduction of the already concentrated liquid volume is achieved through further concentration to very small amounts of dry matter with minimal residual moisture and subsequent vacuum evaporation with thermal vapor recompression and forced circulation crystallizer.

Total yield:

Results attained at Byelorussian Steel Works in Zhlobin, Belarus:

  • 98% water recovery – water quality suitable for recycling
  • 0,8% dry matter
  • 2-5% residual moisture

Three Major Advantages – Saving of Energy Was a Prerequisite

  1. Efficient pretreatment by the Nano flotation
  2. Prevention of deposits by turbulent whirls under high pressure on the membranes
  3. Prevention of fouling on the heat exchanger by a crystallization process


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Location: Crailsheim, Germany
Food Industry
Rinsing water from cleaning of returnable packing cases
20 m³/h
AWAS Service:
Consulting, Lab analysis, Engineering, Assembly and Start-up
AWAS Delivery:
Belt filter, ADF Flotation, Disinfection, Sludge treatment


Location: Zhlobin, Belarus
Metal Industry
Electroplating waste water
25 m³/h
AWAS Service:
Consulting, Engineering, Assembly and Start-up
AWAS Delivery:
ADF Flotation, Reverse osmosis, Kristaller


Pressure Ranges
Low pressure stage: 25  bar
High pressure stage: 70  bar
Super High pressure stage: 140  bar

Diameter: 10“ (254 mm)
End flanges: 280 mm
Height of pressure vessel: 1007 mm
Total height: 1200 mm
Membrane surface: 9 m²
No. of membrane cushions: 120

Weight unfilled/filled: 80/118 kg

Connecting Lines
raw water: R1/2“
concentrate: R1/2”
permeate: R1/4”

Flow Rates
nominal    750  - 850 l/h
minimal    500 l/h
maximal    1000 l/h

Membrane Material
It is possible to use any standard dry membrane material provided. It might be thermally welded.

Connecting Sets (option)
Two Pressure Connecting Tubes, 800mm length; PN 80
Permeate Tube, 800 mm length; PN 10 (max. 145 PSI)

Spare Membrane Cushion
The membrane cushions can easily be exchanged, spare membrane cushions are available - single ones or complete set.


Presentation of CD-9 Circular Disc Membrane Module
Download [PDF, 887 KB]