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Produced Water (Water from Oil Exploration)

A new Wastewater Treatment by AWAS adapted to Geology

The changing way of oil production causes incremental amounts of water. This produced water has become a primary environmental issue in the oil industry. AWAS has developed a wide range of produced-water treatment systems for:

  • Re-injection in bore holes
  • Evaporation processes
  • Irrigation processes
  • Processes for discharging into natural waters

Many pilot plants, pre-fab in 20 ft containers, with a treatment capacity up to 50 cbm/h are in use worldwide to treat the produced water.


AWAS "Money Making Machine"

The recovery of oils from the produced water by using AWAS separators is more efficient than known in public. Within the company of PDO in Oman, a Galaxie separator NS 600 was installed. In this case 4x the amount of oil, previously planned by the customer, was successfully recovered.

AWAS-Galaxie - this automatically oil removing separator technology is called  "Money Making Machine" in Oman.


AWAS Galaxie Tower (PDF - 1,4 MB)


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Location: Nimr, Oman
Oil exploration
Process water treatment
3 plants each with 1.800 m³/h
AWAS Service:
Consulting, Engineering, Assembly and Start-up
AWAS Delivery:
Galaxie 2002

AWAS Pilot plants

Location: worldwide operation
Oil exploration or all-purpose operation
Produced water or all-purpose operation
30 m³/h (Galaxie, Affinity, ADF) 100 l/h (AK, RO)
AWAS Service:
Assembly, Operation, Analysis, Feasibility studies
Galaxie, Affinity, ADF Flotation, Activated carbon filter, Reverse osmosis