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AWAS water treatment systems offer innovation and efficiency. For natural, environmentally friendly recirculation of waste water.

Vertical Vortex Separator - a feed system to Galaxie Tower

The 3-phase separation system  for gas, oil, water mixture by pump or by liquid pressure

AWAS designed solutions for specific requirements of the oil industry for

  • large quantities of oil with more than 25 % in the oil-water mixture 
  • high specific weight of oil up to 0,98 g
  • higher temperatures of the media up to 90 degrees
  • high-viscosity oils 
  • temporary emulsions 
  • gases to be discharged into the atmosphere 

Its development is based on the philosophy of the company AWAS, which includes the use of the laws of nature - here we use the whirl forces - to complete the existing AWAS technologies.   


The integrated AWAS spiral pump achieves an intensive circular flow in the ascending feed pipe to the Galaxie Tower. 

Thus temporary emulsions, oils and gases are swirled centripetally to the middle, the water and the sludge particles are swirled centrifugally outwards. 

Gases flow to the top and are released to the atmosphere.  

Oil flows agglomerated into the upper AWAS Galaxie Tower inlet and then into the oil tank.   

The sludge particles flow agglomerated into the lower Galaxie Tower inlet. In order to achieve the maximum cleaning performance of a chemical-free water treatment, we use as an additional stage the AWAS Affinity separator, which separates smallest free oil droplets and even temporary emulsions.

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