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AWAS water treatment systems offer innovation and efficiency. For natural, environmentally friendly recirculation of waste water.


For the purification and treatment of waters and at the same time unique, up-to-date, evolutionary solution. Inspired by the primal forces of nature - BIOLIGHT OLOID PYRAMID.

State-of-the-art water treatment plant featuring floating pontoon of PE (material-polyethylene) for the receiving of modern biophysical and quantum-physical process technology. To be installed on the surface of the water reservoir (basin or lake). Consists of:

BIOLIGHT - Photon Transmitter

Photon transmitter is the development of quantum physics, i.e. photon transmitter called BIOLIGHT. It consists of a double helix lamp and transmits the information to the water via the light data stored on it, thus changing the molecular structure of the water. In other words, water molecules are restructured - the effect of the compound (the molecular structure of water is as close as possible to the original one). Stem from the fact that water is a liquid crystal in which molecules in space are oriented in a certain way and combine to form structural conglomerates.

As a result, liquids can form a uniform biological energy information environment. When water flows into technically conditioned zones, the chemical structure changes and the natural energy information structure of the water deforms and decays.

We were able to prove it by installing the BIOLIGHT OLOID PYRAMIDE water treatment system with photon transmitters
on the natural pool in Deuz ( Below you can compare the water crystals structure from treated water in Deuz and the structures of Berlin's tap water.


The OLOID developed and inverted from the platonic solid 'Hexaedron'. It moves inside the water with rhythms borrowed from nature, causes inversion and eddy currents for the activation and saturation of oxygen in the water. Two of those Oloids move the water in opposite directions.

In harmony with BIOLIGHT photon transmitter, as well as due to inversion forces, current and eddy flow, Oloid enriches the water with air  at the same time circulates oxygen-containing surface waters with oxygen-poor bottom waters (water at the bottom of the water body).

The main purpose of the Oloid system is the purification of water bodies, as well as their natural recovery and purification from garbage, sludge, as well as the restoration of natural reproduction of fish and aquatic plants.
This project has been registered as a federal German research program.

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