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AWAS water treatment systems offer innovation and efficiency. For natural, environmentally friendly recirculation of waste water.

Oil Separator for industrial applications - AWAS Galaxie Tower

This oil separator is an efficient solution for the separation of light oils and solids from industrial wastewater. The vortex separator system AWAS Galaxie Tower combines the classic oil separatorcoalescence separator and sludge trap with maximum efficiency and safety. The vortex spiral flow ensures simultaneous separation of solids and light liquids. 

Functional Principle of AWAS Oil Separator

Operation of oil separator Galaxie is based on the interaction of physical forces of fundamental physics, namely, centripetal, centrifugal and pulsating forces. Centripetal and pulsating forces in the vortex separator lead free oils/hydrocarbons inwards to the middle and at the same time upwards. Due to the slow tangential circular flow, the oils accumulate on the surface in the middle.

At the same time, the centrifugal forces are pressing solids outwards and downwards into the sludge trap. These measures prevent emissions into the water and air. 

The AWAS oil separation principle in our oil separator is that the 99,9 % of light liquids are removed directly from the surface and collected in the oil tank. 

Oil recovery from already produced oil for e.g. up to 99 % in the oil exploration area

Advantages of AWAS Oil Separator System:

1. Space-saving, due to compact design, allows the treatment of large amounts of waste water in the smallest space.

2. Cost and energy savings – the system is nearly maintenance-free construction, so that the disposal and operating costs are reduced when using the AWAS oil separator. Additionally, the system works without any extra energy sources.

3. Safe and environmentally-friendly – low degasification, no emissions, prevents formation of oil sludge.

4. High rate of oil recovery for further use.

The proven and certified oil separator system

At the initiative of AWAS, the quality of the oil separator system Galaxie was tested with respect to the separation of sludge, particles and free oils by TÜV SÜD ELAB GmbH in Siegen. This successful test was used as a technical basis for the development of the standard for sludge/particle separation.

Similar to this standard test, the AWAS Galaxie separator was tested at LGA Bayern in Würzburg, now TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH. In this Test, 95 % of fine sand particles in the size of 100 – 125 microns were separated and retained. Thus, the oil separator of AWAS is the first and only one within the whole European standard, which simultaneously meets the standard for sludge and oil separation, as well as the standard of oil coalescence with the deposition less than 5 mg/l.

measured parametermeasured value in inletefficiency
Free floatable oils as by
European Norm 858
up to 10000 mg/l99,9 %
particles > 125 µm99,8 %
particles100-125 µm95 %
sludge97 %


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Additional AWAS components for further treatment

In case of high rate of wastewater contamination, chemical-physical Nano-flotation process is recommended. It secures the removal of such contaminants, like emulsions and heavy metals. Further components might be:

  • Filtration and sterilization
  • Circulating water treatment by Photon Transmitter
  • AWAS chemical-free treatment by Affinity Separator in full stream - efficient for residual oils, unstable emulsions and dissolved hydrocarbons.
  • and many other individual systems.
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