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AWAS water treatment systems offer innovation and efficiency. For natural, environmentally friendly recirculation of waste water.

High-quality flotation technology for emulsion splitting

Industrial and commercial washing processes produce polluted waste water which must not be discharged into the sewer without preliminary treatment. A chemical-physical treatment by a dissolved air flotation plant is necessary for highly contaminated waste water. Especially, when it comes to deal with the dissolved or emulsified hydrocarbons, temporary emulsions, AWAS nano flotation plant is the solution.

Chemical-Physical Treatment on a Molecular Level

Firstly, the treated wastewater is saturated with air or other gas under pressure. It forms a thin layer of compressed gas/air on the water surface which penetrates and dissolves into the water.

As next, the saturated water passes through a decompression system at a certain pressure in front of the flotation tank. In this way, the gas/air is transferred to the nano area of the water molecular structure.

The dissolved gas/air in the water is released in the form of microbubbles of only 10-30 microns, which join the contaminants and carry them to the surface of the flotation tank. The flake and the micro bubble form a unit, which results in a stable sludge on the surface, which can no longer sink and has a low water content.

Clear water settles in the flotation unit downwards, it might be discharged into the open water or reused. The floated sludge is removed into the sludge dewatering container. Plant design requires less chemicals, keeping in turn the discharged sludge amount as little as possible.

Improved emulsion splitting process in AWAS plants

This full stream nano flotation differs from conventional systems in that the impurities are not only carried up by the cushion of microbubbles, but also combine with them in the process described and form a unit. Resulting agglomerate rise all contaminants to the surface of the flotation tank.


Also temporary emulsions are broken up by this process. The hydrocarbonsbacteria and the other substances separated and discharged in the nano flotation plant.

These advantages distinguish the emulsion splitting by AWAS nano flotation plant:

1. High efficiency of treatment - emulsions, suspended solids (TSS) are removed, even heavy metals.

2. Economical - cost savings for chemicals and disposal - since the volume of reagent dosage for emulsion splitting is minimal.  The consumption of chemicals in our emulsion splitting plant is about 20 times lower than the chemical products of competitors.

3. Environmentally friendly, meaning waste reduction, since small amount of sediment (sludge) is produced.

All-in-one solution for efficient emulsion splitting

AWAS focuses on customized solutions in order to further optimize the process of waste water treatment. Our laboratory analysis of the wastewater addresses each problem individually. Our solutions meet the needs and requirements of your company.

In our state-of-the-art processes for splitting emulsions, we first subject the waste water to be treated to a precise laboratory analysis directly in our company. Based on the laboratory results, our experts decide which flocculant and splitting agent is best suited for splitting the respective emulsion. In the interests of our customers and the environment, we attach great importance to an ecological and economic balance. Once we have identified the most effective agent for splitting the emulsion, we determine the AWAS waste water technology that is best suited to the needs of our customers.

Contact us for more information. Together we will certainly find a suitable solution for you.

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