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AWAS water treatment systems offer innovation and efficiency. For natural, environmentally friendly recirculation of waste water.

Filtration Technology

Our company produces and offers 2 types of filters according to industrial wastewater treatment requirements:

  1. P-Filter, standard medium filter or "multi-layer filter" with standard backwashing, which is used as a downstream stage for filtering out particles and/or hydrocarbons, depending on the filling material.
  2. PP-Filter, specially developed AWAS filter with absolute filtration of the smallest particles > 2 µm from water and minimized backwashing.


The P-Filter removes the remaining suspended particles and the oil. It physically separates solids and oil from water. The filter is loaded with filter medium in a vertical filter container.

The combination of specially adapted filter media in the AWAS P-Filter, such as glass ceramic, activated diatomaceous earth or zeolite, leads to the additional removal of heavy, viscous oils, which can be reduced to values less than 0.5 mg/l, as well as suspended solids (TSS) up to 10 µm in size. Depending on the filter material used, different cleaning results are achieved:

Filling materialEfficiency
sand or similarparticle reduction up to 10 microns
activated carbonadsorption of solutes
ceramics, diatomaceous earth (AWAS know-how)reduction of viscous oils, hydrocarbons up to 0.5 mg/l

Backwashing is carried out from bottom to top through all layers, cleaning and reusing the filter medium. After backwashing, the backwash water is fed to the treatment unit and returns to the main process line.

PP-AWAS Filter

The PP-Filter is designed like a multi-layer filter as a pressure vessel in which up to four supporting layers carry the ceramic filter layer. The PP-Filter combines the advantages of a multilayer filter in terms of size and material resistance and a micro filter layer in terms of absolute separation efficiency.

PP-Filter differs from conventional P-Filter:

  1. can tolerate oils, fats and high salt content in the inflow water and is not clogged by them;
  2. due to its special filling material and its classification, retains remaining particles up to 2 µm;
  3. minimized flushing water quantity, since in the PP-filter, only the upper layer is rinsed;
  4. enables absolute filtration of particles.

Advantages of the AWAS filter technology:

High Efficiency - absolute filtration performance of the finest particles: 

 > 2 µm oils < 0.5 mg/l;

flexibility - can be operated with a variety of customer-specific filling combinations;

energy and water savings.

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