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AWAS water treatment systems offer innovation and efficiency. For natural, environmentally friendly recirculation of waste water.

AWAS Flotation, Typ ADF

- Chemical-physical -

The emulsion breaking flotation with chemicals

The AWAS ADF Flotation systems are specially planned and configured for different types of waste- and process water. Depending on the technical requirements the systems are designed in full or partial stream. In full stream, the feed water is saturated up to 100 % with air or another gas in the saturator. In the partial stream system treated effluent from the clean water outlet, is completely saturated and injected into the inlet feed stream. The saturation causes molecular changes in the water, which result in a structural change of the emulsion. In most applications, this process triggers the separation of pollutants from waste water.

The AWAS flotation systems result in immediate adhesion of finest micro bubbles to the contaminants directly after the decompression. Different chemicals, which are selected due to the contamination level of the water, cause the emulsion to break and facilitate the formation of macro flocks. 
Immediately after decompression, on the way to the exhaust cylinder of the flotation basin, the micro bubbles unite with the chemical flocks and build the fluffy macro flocks. All floating substances follow the water flow to the surface.

The floated sludge is skimmed off into a hopper from where it is pumped to the sludge treatment facilities such as decanters, centrifuges, filter presses or paper bag filters.  
Clear water flows to the bottom of the flotation system. It flows upwards behind a baffle and is fed through an adjustable discharge and directly reused, treated further on or drained.

Neutralization and heavy metal precipitation

By dosing particular chemicals, neutralization and precipitation of heavy metals and other substances may be included. Our own laboratory analyzes the wastewater and recommends the appropriate flotation with the necessary chemicals and the optimum setting of the pH.


Emulsion breaking and flotation systems

Type of wastewater: Mild emulsions with low water pollution e.g. such as surface water and washing water

Level of cleaning: discharge into channels

Type of waste water: Waste water with detergents and other industrial pollution Level of cleaning: Waste water recycling  

Type of wastewater: Industrial wastewater with high degree of pollution and strong, stable emulsions Level of cleaning: discharge into channels / partial recycling possible

AWAS CH batch breaking system 
Type of wastewater: Industrial wastewater with high degree of pollution and strong emulsions, flocks with sedimentation characteristicsLevel of cleaning: discharge into channels 

AWAS Nano Flotation 
Type of waste water: Heavy polluted industrial wastewater

Level of cleaning: Industrial water recycling or discharge into natural reservoirs

AWAS flotation systems for big volumes 
Type of wastewater: Refinery, airport and industrial waste water


Our company has developed, built and put into operation more than 1,000 flotation systems since 1985 for diverse needs.

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