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Containerised plants

Compact containerised wastewater treatment plants have proven their reliability in water treatment for industrial applications.

AWAS offers ready-to-connect waste water treatment plants in standard sea containers.

Based on customer requests and specific treatment requirements, such wastewater treatment plants can be assembled from various modules /AWAS products and installed in the container: oil separator, dissolved air flotation, filter, sludge drying.

The components of such a plant can be made of PP, HDPE, coated steel, stainless steel depending on the requirements.

The container is insulated and can be heated/air conditioned:

  • Wall insulation 160 mm;
  • Can be used at outside temperatures down to - 35C;
  • Walls made of coated steel;
  • With built-in doors 1200 х 2150 (mm);
  • Container is air-conditioned, equipped with ventilation, lighting and fire protection system;
  • Can be placed directly on a flat surface.

The containerised water treatment system is pre-assembled in a container and only requires water and electricity from the customer.

Advantages of modular systems:

  • Minimal construction work for the customer;
  • Space-saving;
  • Factory-assembled, factory-tested installation
  • Ready for connection;
  • Fully automated;
  • Flexible;
  • Robust, suitable for various external operations.

Contact us and our team will be happy to plan your individual waste water system in a container. Our engineers advise you professionally and consider your requirements.

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