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Renaissance des Wassers und damit der Menschen und unserer Erde

For the purification of waters and at the same something very special, current, evolutionary…

…taken from the model of nature...
AWAS + biowaterworld + oloid

A company for drinking water treatment called biowaterworld europe, aiming for the production of health increasing drinking water, owes his success to a transmitter of photons quantum physically developed and called BIOLIGHT. She consists of a double helix lamp and a storage system, a chip, with which evolutionary, biological Information is continually transmitted by the transmitter of photons to the water. Four of thoses transmitters protrude deep into the water.

The OLOID, developed and inverted from the platonic solid 'Hexaedron', which is moved inside the water with rhythms borrowed from nature, causes inversion and eddy currents for the activation and saturation of oxygen in the water. Two of those oloids move the water in opposite directions.

Constructed in the ration of the Great Pyramid of Giza, this PYRAMID exceeds on a pontoon the above mentioned elements and integrates harmonically ancient Egyptian and health increasing energies with the above described elements for a transmission to the water.


With astonishment we observed and were “able to proof”, on one hand an increase of the water quality regarding laboratory techniques and on the other hand health increasing frequencies, verifiable by bioresonance, which help for physical and psychological well-being. All this through the BIOLIGHT   OLOID   PYRAMIDE
which energized water of this natural pool in Deuz.
Go there for exercise, to swim and for self-therapy ( 

Experience the natural force of water!

This procedure has been registered as federal German research program.

Naturschwimmbad Netphen - AWAS
Naturschwimmbad Netphen - AWAS
Artikel aus "Das Schwimmbad und sein Personal" - Heft 05/2017 - DOWNLOAD hier:

Biolight Oloid Pyramide - Naturschwimmbad Netphen-Deuz
Seenreinigung ohne Chemie