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AWAS water treatment systems offer innovation and efficiency. For natural, environmentally friendly recirculation of waste water.

Affinity Separator

Affinity Separator is a "chemical-free" treatment plant for residual oils, unstable emulsions, dissolved hydrocarbons.  It reduces free floatable oil and free dispersed oil (temporary emulsions). The function of Affinity Separator is based on such physical forces as flotation, adhesion/cohesion, coalescence and affinity.

The physical forces working in the Affinity Separator are technically synchronized by AWAS. As a result, the Affinity Separator reaches an extremely high efficiency on a small footprint.

Affinity separator system consists of a saturator with photon transmitter, decompression system (pressure release valve) and affinity tank.

The function of separation by Affinity is based on physical laws of nature. By combining the following forces:

  • cohesion and adhesion
  • coalescence effect
  • affinity
  • agglomeration

the smallest free oil droplets and temporary emulsions are separated from the water without adding chemicals. 

The wastewater is fed into the Saturator, where it is saturated by gas or air under pressure of 4 - 6 bar. This way a maximum saturation in water is achieved, which has a positive effect on the separation process.

The photon transmitter rearranges the structures of the water in hexagonal form. At the same time, other substances are separated. This process is optimized by the photons as general bacteria growth is inhibited.

At the outlet, the clear water, saturated with inert gas, passes a decompression system, which releases its pressure. This produces the finest microbubbles and droplets in the range of 5 - 50 µm!

The saturated water then enters the Affinity Separator where the gas bubbles lift oil droplets and suspended solids in a foam cushion to the top of the separator. Within a high funnel in the Affinity, the same substances will find each other due to atomic attraction (affinity), agglomerate and float to the surface.

Clean water outlet and an automatic oil discharge channel are aligned in such a way, that there is always an oil layer on top of the water, which strengthens the adhesive power of oil. This allows smallest oil droplets to attach tightly to the oil layer.

This upper layer in Affinity consists of the floated hydrocarbons/oils or emulsions, which in turn attract the same products flowing from below by their own affinity (attraction of the particles). Thus, most emulsions, free oils and dissolved aromatic substances are absorbed and agglomerated on the surface from which they flow automatically or mechanically (option), into an oil tank.

When a certain oil thickness is reached, the top part of the oil layer is pushed out automatically. The oil flows out of the separator without pressure and is collected in an oil tank. The clean water flows to the level-tan

Tested cleaning performance

Chemical-free function of Affinity oil separator leads to considerable savings in operating costs for our customers.

Cleaning efficiency of Affinity separator is proven by tests:

- at refinery water treatment the oil recovery is over 75 % of emulsions 

-  at produced water treatment by Affinity about 95 % oil recovery

- save up to 75 % of the otherwise necessary splitting chemical agents and at the same time helps to avoid approx. 75 % of waste.

Of course, there are such stable emulsions, most of which can only be split chemically. In addition, we offer extensive treatment through the use of the nanoflotation process.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to design the individually suitable solution for you. We would be pleased to test the Affinity separator at your site.

See how Affinity Separator works:

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