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Process-oriented. Universal. Uncomplicated.

AWAS water treatment systems offer innovation and efficiency. For natural, environmentally friendly recirculation of waste water.

Affinity Separator

When developing the Affinity separator we stuck to our principles of bionic. By combining physical and biophysical movement, adhesion and affinity forces, smallest free oil droplets and temporary emulsions are separated from the water without adding chemicals. In some cases even the amount of dissolved hydrocarbons was reduced.

AWAS were first to match natural laws technically, so they achieve high efficiency in a small space.

Combined physical principles:

  • Cohesion and adhesion
  • Coalescence effect
  • Affinity
  • Agglomeration

…  all without the use of chemicals

Chemical free function leads to considerable savings in operating costs for our customers.


Durchflussvolumen von 5 m3/h bis über 12.000 m3/h bei 99% Trenneffizienz