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AWAS water treatment systems offer innovation and efficiency. For natural, environmentally friendly recirculation of waste water.

AWAS Products

Holistic concepts for individual use

The AWAS systems are primarily focused on the processing and treatment of the resource water. Cost-saving and environmentally friendly recirculation of the industrial polluted water are our specialty.

AWAS technology for every requirement

AWAS offers maintenance-free separator systems with the right component for every application – from collecting basins and separator technologies to Nano-flotation, emulsion splitting or cavitation plants. Due to flexible modules the treatment system adjusts to even the most individual requirements and saves construction costs and space.

In harmony with nature - leading principle of our technology

Fluidic, biological, biophysical, biochemical and physical principles were used to develop innovative products for AWAS wastewater treatment systems.

Oil Separator Technology Galaxie:

Efficient oil and sludge separation with coalescence performance (fine separation - Class I according to EU standard) with optimum sludge sedimentation, also oil and sludge recovery.

Separator Technology Affinity:

Saturation, cohesion and adhesion as well as atomic affinity contribute in this development to the most modern holistic AWAS separation process concept without the addition of chemicals. Reduces unstable emulsions, residual oils and dissolved substances.  

Vertikal Vortex Separator (VVS) separates oils, temporary emulsions and gases by using the existing pressure.

ADF Flotation:
We offer various flotation systems in partial or full stream, combined with UVA light processing for better cleaning result. Our flotation plants split oil emulsions and, if necessary, separate heavy metals, regulate and adjust to the required pH value. Minimal use of chemicals enables  

UVA radiation based bacteria reduction

A new biophysical wastewater treatment technology for the elimination of harmful water ingredients

Pilot plants:

All equipment is available in a compact size for testing the best available technology on your site. The use of chemical additives is reduced to a minimum or, if possible, avoided.

Filter technology: P-Filter and PP-Filter

The combination of specially adapted filter media serves for the additional removal of heavy, viscous oils up to 0.5 mg/l as well as suspended solids (TSS). Absolute filtration rate of the finest particles up to 2 ppm.

Modular systems in containers

All systems are available in a modular design in various combinations of each technological component. 

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