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New Markets: AWAS finds a new business partner in Kuweit

At the beginning of February 2019, AWAS employees have the great pleasure of meeting the team of Fawares Petroleum Services Co. in Kuwait. At the meeting both parties were able to introduce each other and learn about the future opportunities in the country.

Fawares Petroleum Services is a leading oil and gas company in Kuwait and the Gulf region specializing in well logging, artificial lift, field and pipeline corrosion protection and maintenance services.

We are pleased to begin working with Fawares Petroleum Services on the supply of water treatment equipment to Kuwait oil production facilities.

Publication about AWAS in the magazine "Der Mittelstand"

In the current issue of the magazine "Der Mittelstand" of the Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft (BVMW) 5-2018 the company portrait of AWAS can be found. AWAS International is mentioned as one of the pioneers who make the new possible by innovatively shaping the present and future.

They describe the strength of AWAS - to efficiently clean wastewater from the oil and gas industry and to recover oil - as "an important contribution to energy and environmental efficiency in the industry".

You can find the full text of the article in a printed copy of the magazine "Der Mittelstand" or at:

AWAS honored Energy Globe National Award 2018!

Every year, the Energy Globe Award honors outstanding, sustainable projects with a focus on resource conservation, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. With over than 2000 project submissions from 182 countries Energy Globe Award is today the most prestigious environmental prize worldwide. It distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally.

AWAS International was honored with Energy Globe National Award for the best environmental solution in Oman - construction and development of Salalah Airport. The installed equipment treats the oily wastewater without filters and collects oils in an oil tank. In such manner, AWAS contribute to ground water protection and could save maintenance and operating costs at the airport. 

Successful Start-Up of Zero-Liquid-Discharge Plant at BMZ in Zhlobin, Belarus

AWAS has built and now put into operation a complex solution for highly salty and toxic wastewater, including: the concentrate from reverse osmosis systems and electroplating processes. The technical advantages of the AWAS Zero-Liquid Discharge process technology were the decisive factor for AWAS receiving the order from the largest steel company in Belarus, BMZ. The project, which worth approximately 10 million euros, was successfully supported by credit insurance group Euler Hermes.

The customer requested a waste water treatment plant for a volume flow of 25 cbm/h, which allows a reuse of the process waste water from the metal industry and discharges all pollutants as a dry residue with 5 - 15% humidity. AWAS has exceeded the expected parameter by achieving residual humidity of 2.9% (see the photo below).

Photo: salty dry residue after Zero-Liquid Discharge waste water treatment.

AWAS - Technology:

-          2-stage Nano-Flotation with Photon Transmitter,

-          2-stage Reverse Osmosis

-          Crystallization plant with a vacuum evaporator.

Thanks to AWAS technology, the discharge of contaminated wastewater, as well as an environmental pollution of the Dnieper River was prevented.

Neues Projekt der Kosmetikabwasseraufbereitung für namhaften Kosmetikhersteller in Berlin

Auf dem Bild: AWAS-Pilotanlage vor Ort

Bei der Herstellung unterschiedlichster Kosmetikprodukte, entstehen Abwässer mit den Fetten, Ölen, Tensiden, Farbstoffen, Emulsionen und weiteren Stoffen mit einem hohen CSB-Gehalt.

Die Forderung bei der Einleitung einen konstant niedrigen CSB-Wert zu erreichen, ist die erfolgreich umgesetzte Aufgabenstellung der Firma AWAS International GmbH gewesen.

Verfahrenstechnik und Auslegung der Großanlage wurde erfolgreich durch die firmeneigene Versuchsanlage vor Ort beim Kunden validiert.

Die beste Verfahrenskombination, die ermittelt wurde, ist unsere speziell entwickelte Nano-Flotation mit der nachgeschalteten Trennung der festen und flüssigen Phasen mit integrierter Schlammbehandlung.

Damit konnten wir dem Kunden eine wirtschaftlich effiziente Anlage bei gleichzeitig minimalsten Platzverhältnissen anbieten.

Nach den erfolgreichen Versuchen hat AWAS im Oktober 2018 den Auftrag erhalten. 

Muscat International Airport – Oman – apron dewatering system - heavy rain fall - stormwater drainage

Image source:

Successful start-up of apron dewatering system for treatment of rainwater, floodwater and oily spillages at Muscat International Airport.

Protecting the environment is an important subject at Muscat International Airport. Especially the treatment of oily waste waters coming from heavy rainfall and subsequent contamination of the water with oil and kerosene.

Due to climate change, rainfall in the city of Muscat in Oman is steadily increasing, which places demands on the treatment of stormwater. AWAS has developed and planned an effective drainage technology for 4480 l/s, which was commissioned in the spring of 2018. The wastewater treatment and separation takes place physically and without filters by patented Galaxie 2002 vortex separators. In addition, the system is equipped with an automatic closing device against oil damage, which prevents the contamination of the water with oil and kerosene and thus the environmental impact.

Produced water solution for oil fields in Pakistan

In order to treat produced water for reinjection by Sonnek Engineering an AWAS Galaxie container was delivered in an encapsulated design at the end of 2015. The Galaxie is part of a turnkey solution in a modular container construction for an oil and gas field in Pakistan. After extensive testing and assembly of the individual components in Ternitz, south of Vienna, also the installation on is now complete and the unit can be started in September.

The Galaxy removes light materials and suspended solids from the wastewater. Due to the efficient purification performance of the vortex separator, the water only needs to be filtered prior to reinjectionthrough the high pressure pumps of the company Sonnek. There is no need for an expensive chemical cleaning.

Project data:

  • AWAS Galaxie Tower with oil press device
  • Material: coated steel vessel, duplex steelpipes
  • Mounted in 20'shipping container, vertical installation
  • Flow: 14 - 20 m³/h
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 42 ° C
  • Fully closed system, suitable for nitrogen coverage with 30mbar
  • All interfaces for direct connection on site prepared
  • All surfaces which are in contact with products have a special coating

Emulsion Splitting and Oil Recovery in Metal Industry

The AWAS International GmbH realizes the principle of waste avoidance and the regeneration of energy products from waste, emulsions, by own innovations and at the same time excellent cleaning performance of the waste water by pre-splitting AWAS-VSP in connection with the organic emulsion splitter AWAS-ORG06 and flotationflotation AWAS-ADF developed in the AWAS laboratory.