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Being an international, globally active company, we value our global partners, their cultures, traditions and ways of life. In our hearts live compassion for our fellow human beings and the belief in a common future in a healthy environment. We want our technologies to help make the world a better place. We see it as our task to introduce innovative and sustainable solutions to companies all over the world.

Project 1: Tackling drinking water shortages in Ghana

AWAS is currently working on the development of an intelligent water management and supply concept for the RAIN joint project in Ghana. Like the entire African continent, the country is also affected by climate change. Temperatures in Ghana will continue to rise in the future, precipitation during the rainy season and droughts during the dry season will increase and cause socio-economic damage.

The joint RAIN research project aims to develop appropriate water treatment strategies and processes to increase the resilience of settlements to the impacts of climate change and thus enable sustainable water use. Ghana in general is vulnerable to floods, droughts and bush fires. The accumulated rainwater flows away unused.

Urban areas, including the capital Accra in the south of the country, are increasingly suffering from heavy rainfall. Measures should therefore be taken to adapt to climate change.

To this end, we integrate the special features of this arid and drought- and rainy season-dependent area into our processes in a combination of modern process technologies with conventional technology. The rainwater is collected and treated in an environmentally friendly way using mechanical-biophysical methods. Furthermore, the developed technology ensures both the removal of pollutants (adsorption of heavy metals) and disinfection. The wastewater treatment plant will consider rainwater treatment, storage, treatment and sustainable water quality in the outlet. In this way, we try to contribute to the implementation of climate adaptation strategies and help people.

Help us to achieve our goal – for a living future.

The unused collection of rainwater in a rural area in Ghana
The unused collection of rainwater in a rural area in Ghana © FiW 2010

Project 2: Chemical-free treatment of cooling water

The 42nd BImSchV - Ordinance on Evaporative Cooling Systems, Cooling Towers and Wet Separators - counteracts risks from increased Legionella concentrations in evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet separators. Legionella are bacteria that can cause pneumonia with severe to fatal progression if inhaled. The 42nd BImSchV aims to prevent health hazards from incorrectly operated systems. AWAS has developed a concept for wastewater treatment in cooling water circuits that can treat wastewater from bacteria, Legionella etc. without biocides. We are currently in the process of launching a pilot project.

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