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Surface and Rainwater Treatment

The process of rainwater treatment differs between:

1) Rainwater management for motorways and main roads

2) Dewatering for roads and terrain to protect rivers (e.g. Kazakhstan)

3) Rainwater management on industrial sites, where industrial processes, storage of certain substances takes place, such as:

- the ports, such as a seaport operator Rosterminalugol OAO in Ust-Luga, Russia;

- oil and gas producers, operators of oil refineries in, e.g. Azerbaijan;

- scrap yards, aluminium processors, metal industry companies;

- airports;

- other industrial and commercial areas.

For the design of the surface-rain-water treatment process, the required discharge values, depending on the country or region, shall be taken into account.

Depending on the characteristics of the areas mentioned above from which rainwater is collected, it represents a source of pollution for our water. For example, from the motorways come such contaminants as rubber abrasion, oils, salts (e.g. chlorides, sulphates), heavy metals (such as lead, copper) and organic matter.

The rainwater flowing from all surfaces takes dust particles, oil and petrol residues, emulsions and chemicals with it into the sewage system, municipal sewage treatment plants, streams, rivers, harbours and lakes.

This is why a resource-saving and sustainable solution for the pre-treatment of rainwater is prescribed by the RiStWag standard and "Requirements for rainwater drainage in the separation process", MUNLV of 26 May 2005 ("Separation Decree").

For this purpose, AWAS offers a decentralised rainwater treatment plant, which has been tested and certified by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). AWAS' innovative technology for the use of surface water and rainwater for the most diverse requirements makes a significant contribution here.

The AWAS rainwater concept not only takes into account all the above-mentioned aspects of rainwater pollution, but also the amount of rainfall, its difference in load and quantity even in summer and winter. AWAS separator technology is a crucial component of it.

Advantages of AWAS concept for the surface and rainwater treatment:

1. maximum protection during oil accidents and major rain events

2. low-maintenance and environmentally friendly

3. guaranteed compliance with the standard values in the outlet for discharge into the channel or waters

4. complete support from design and engineering to manufacture and commissioning. Benefit from it and contact us!

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