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Port, bilge and ballast water treatment

In the ports, a large amount of waste waterbilge water and ballast water contaminated with oil products is produced from the oil ships. The special feature of the port wastewater is that the effluents are not discharged directly from the ships to the wastewater treatment plant, but are first collected in large storage tanks on the port premises. This creates a mixture in the tanks that poses a major challenge for the treatment process: Reduction of oils in various specific weights, particles, residues of heavy metals, lubricants and reduction of COD and BOD values.

AWAS offers cost-saving and efficient solutions for port management and loading terminals:

  • surface water management in the port / terminal
  • bilge water treatment
  • tanker and ship cleaning and washing water circuits

The legal basis of the IMO Resolution MEPC. 107 (49) for the discharge of bilge water at sea permits a maximum of 15 ppm hydrocarbons. As a rule, existing wastewater treatment plants cannot cope with these pollutants and thus endanger the environment. In order to reduce the pollution in the bilge water to this value, high-performance systems are necessary.

AWAS International GmbH has developed a modern chemical-physical wastewater treatment technology with all the necessary treatment stages, which is combined precisely for these impurities with the innovative AWAS products:

1. Oil coalescence separator Galaxie-Tower;

2. Fine Separator Affinity;

3. Dissolved air flotation plant incl. dosing and compressed air technology;

4. Filtration stage;

5. Sludge dewatering.

The unique advantages of this technology are the guaranteed compliance with the required outlet values, which enable the discharge of purified water into the sea, the compact construction of the process technology, which is installed in a technical building, the high degree of automation of the control and monitoring of the technological process. AWAS designs, supplies, installs and commissions the water treatment system.

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Cleaning performance of waste water technology for ports

The AWAS separator systems, which are also used successfully in various fields of the oil industry, find another efficient field of application in the purification of bilge water. Thanks to their space-saving design, the systems are ideal for use in maritime environmental protection.

So has AWAS developed for Rosterminalugol in the port of Ust-Luga/Russia on the Gulf of Finland a unique process technology which cleans the surface water and rainwater contaminated by the stored materials like coal / steel / oil and other substances. The analysis of the treated water for suspended solids showed an average decrease of more than one third by 2017. With a permissible standard of 9 mg/m3, the concentration of suspended solids in the treated waste water was 3.7 mg/m3, which is 59 % below the maximum permissible value.
In the port of Tuapse/Russia on the Black Sea, ship and tanker cleaning effluents are treated to a quality that allowed them to be disposed to the Black Sea with a value of less than 0.45 mg/l hydrocarbons in the water.

Oil spills or water surface contamination

In the case of oil accidents, large quantities of oil are spread on the water surface, mix with the water to form an emulsion and must be transported on land as an oil-water mixture. This is extremely costly, inefficient and requires a complex chemical-physical separation on land.

AWAS has developed its own patented system that can be used both at sea and for inland, tidal and bottom waters.

The separation of water and oil takes place in a biological-physical way directly on the water. For this purpose, an oil separator Galaxie is installed on a catamaran, which separates oil from water and drains it directly into the oil tank. Purified water flows back into the lake. Also the patented mixing system with Oloid makes the immediate water pollution possible to eliminate.

The separation of water and oil takes place in biophysical manner directly on the water. It is also the ideal solution for shallow water and narrow shore zones.

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