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Road and motorway waste water

Over the past 40 years, AWAS has been involved in the treatment of surface rainwater, including rainwater from motorways and roads, which presents the most challenging part. Save on water consumption and expensive sewer charges with AWAS wastewater treatment and process water circulation technology. 

AWAS, the industrial waste water treatment specialist, offers efficient solutions for various sources of pollution for this wastewater, e.g:

  • Rain and condensation water from the roads
  • Impurities after car accidents
  • Waste water from construction sites and motorway and road maintenance works
  • Polluted rainfall

The most important point by water treatment from the roads is the first flash rain within 15-20 minutes. All substances that have accumulated after long periods of dry weather are absorbed with the first-flash rain. Therefore, it is particularly important to collect and process this 15-20 minute first rain.

If the rain event does not stop after 15-20 minutes, this additional rainwater will not be as polluted as the first-flash, and does not require such thorough treatment.

Based on this knowledge, AWAS builds special separator systems that are able to meet the 1st flash and 2nd flash requirements and meet the requirements of further discharge into the sewer or receiving water.

At the entrance of these AWAS separators, the waste water is separated. The dirty 1st flash flows directly into the fine separator - circulation and coalescence separator AWAS-SK (bypass separator). After exceeding the nominal flow rate, a part of it flows over the separator through the inner overflow. AWAS builds rain overflow basins, sand and sludge sedimentation basins, retention basins, overflow wells and pumping stations.

Your advantages for road wastewater treatment

  • high efficiency
  • modern filterless coalescence
  • low operating costs
  • Reliability through results from installed systems since 2005
  • no exchangeable parts
  • compact design
  • large oil capacity

AWAS water treatment systems adapt individually to the requirements of your company. Depending on the volume and degree of pollution, we adjust the individual process engineering components to your specific requirements.

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