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Oil Industry

More advanced processes in the oil industry require quite large amounts of water as a process component, so that mixtures of oil and water, so-called emulsions, are part of everyday operations. These mixtures are difficult to treat and the longer water and oil are in contact, the harder it becomes to split them. Additionally, if the oil, floating on the surface, is exposed to the environment, it leads to undesirable sludge formation, clumping, degasificitaion and as a concequence, emissions in water and air occur. The resulting wastewater is highly contaminated and is required to be cleaned before it gets to the channel, since it may cause a great danger for an environment.

At the same time, the oil companies are in a predicament due to stricter environmental regulations in the oil industry, in which they are expected to offer added value and strengthen confidence in the market. More problems can also arise if unwanted disasters occur.

The application of AWAS wastewater technology has already proven itself throughout the world as a safe and resource-saving technology. See our references in oil and gas refineries, petrochemical industry companies; oil exploration and oil storage and transport.

The application of process technology is versatile. We offer the following soultions for the oil industry:


In order to achieve the best result in waste water treatment according to your requirements, we focus our attention on thorough work preparation. As each refinery has specific waste water that is unique, we recommend that you have the current situation in the plant analysed before compiling the appropriate waste water technology. For this purpose, we offer preliminary feasibility studies. Thereby we check the existing wastewater treatment plants, analyse the chemical composition of the wastewater entering the treatment plant in the laboratory and on site. Of course we consider your wishes, capacities and other factors for the modernisation of your wastewater treatment plant and even offer a pilot plant.

We offer our pilot plant for an amount of up to 50m³/h with variable combinable process modules for your site, to demonstrate the ideal technology.


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