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Industrial Wastewater Recycling

Zero Liquid Discharge technology for every type of wastewater

Industrial production often involves high water consumption and, in many cases, immense pollution. In the industrialized countries, the consumption of drinking water is twice higher than all private households combined. Conventional wastewater solutions in an industry often have high energy and and chemical demand in addition to a large footprint requirement. Nevertheless, they still achieve insufficient cleaning performance.

It is our ecological responsibility to collect industrial water, purify it, reuse it and lead it into a circulation system.

Thus, AWAS has developed a concept according to the state-of-the-art wastewater technology that enables the reuse of process wastewater from industry and removes all pollutants as a dry residue with a maximum moisture of 5 % (zero liquid discharge). The entire treatment plant complex is automated and equipped with built-in sensors that show all essential data on the display.

AWAS Water Recycling Management:

  • Minimum operating costs
  • Outstanding performance
  • low maintenance

The AWAS process water treatment for the discharge into surface water, a sewer or for the recycling of process water offers considerable savings in operating costs due to simultaneous bio- and quantum-physical processes for chemicals, space, and energy-saving requirements.

AWAS offers ideal industrial wastewater treatment systems tailored to your problem for ecologically conscious decision-makers.

Excellent water reuse references in practice

Our references include a wide range of affected industries that have to cope with a wide variety of wastewater types. For example, with the above-described technology by AWAS, 92 % of the process wastewater from the metal industry can be reused so that its quality after treatment is close to drinking water. 

It was requested to receive all pollutants as a dry residue at the end of the cleaning process with 5 – 15 % moisture. AWAS has exceeded the expected parameter by achieving residual moisture of 2.9 %. 

Thanks to AWAS technology, the contamination and environmental pollution of the Dnieper River was prevented.

The AWAS planning team will be happy to design the right system for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us!

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