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Food Industry

Absolutely pure water for the food industry

Water of the highest quality is in demand in the food industry. The cleanliness of the water means safety for the companies that are responsible to the consumer. Only germ-free water may be used, even for machines and production lines that have to be cleaned regularly at the highest level. It is also important to observe the legal regulations on waste water quality. Companies in the food industry are therefore increasingly obliged to make water treatment a central part of their operations.

AWAS therefore offers safe and modern solutions designed to achieve this criteria. In addition to classic methods such as oil and fat separation, AWAS also offers the food industry the advantage of modern technologies based on fine separation and modification of water molecular structures, emulsion splitting.

Waste water management in the food industry

As in every manufacturing industry there is a lot of highly polluted wastewater due to production and cleaning processes, which are loaded with fats or oils, food residues as well as cleaning agents and disinfectants that must be collected, cleaned and treated. For this reason, companies in the food industry carry out the following waste water treatment tasks before it can be returned into the water cycle:

1) The pH values of the wastewater should be adjusted (6.5 - 9.5).

2) Limit values for lipophilic substances (oils, fats) < 300 mg/l.

3) The COD value must be reduced.

4) Elimination of other ingredients, wastes and sludge.

The technology of AWAS is specially designed for these requirements, it is filterless and low-maintenance. The system requires only a few flocculants, thus the sludge accumulation is low. The investment is at comparably low operating costs per m³ of treated waste water. At the outlet you get high water quality for recycling or discharge.

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