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Abwasseraufbereitung am Flughafen Maskat

Airport operations produce various types of wastewater for example through general airport, hangar and logistics operations as well as refuelling and cleaning of aircraft. The effluent from the runways is contaminated with oils, lubricants, detergents, sludge, sand and other chemicals.

The innovative wastewater technology from AWAS handles these impurities that often occur on airfields and aprons.

Efficient Waste and Rainwater Management

AWAS airport water management concept considers the peculiarities of the summer and winter operation. Based on our firsthand experience with airports around the globe, our technology differentiate between:

a) airports in the northern hemisphere in summer and winter operation whose waste water is contaminated by de-icing with glycol de-icing agents;

b) airports in the southern hemisphere where waste water is only to be treated from oils and sludges.

The glycol-water mixture produced during de-icing has very high COD/BOD values that are far above the current regulatory limits. Here, AWAS offers its innovative multi-stage process with AWAS GLI cavitation technology. All facilities are equipped with the monitoring, control and measurement of the glycol values and the corresponding regulation. If the limit values are exceeded, the water is returned to new treatment.

AWAS rainwater management concept is custom-developed for the heavy rain events (from 1st flush to 3rd flush). We integrate the rainfall data in the design of system to protect your airport from overflow and oil spills - everything is secured.

Eco-Friendly Water Treatment at Your Airport

With AWAS you benefit from our international experience with wastewater treatment at airports. In both hemispheres, we are experts when it comes to wastewater treatment at airports. The wastewater treatment plant from AWAS designed for Salalah Airport in Oman won the Energy Globe National Award. In addition to this natural and environmentally friendly waste water treatment at airports, AWAS offers you treatment with a chemical/physical emulsion splitting plant as a flotation or batch splitting plant.

Advantages for your airport with AWAS concept:

1. Long-term experience of AWAS in airports worldwide.

2. Guaranteed compliance with the specified standard values at the outlet of the plant.

3. Continuous waste water monitoring in inlet and outlet of the plant with direct supervision.

4. Safety and protection against oil accidents and heavy rainfalls.

5. Individually tailored solutions for your requirements.

De-Icing water and wastewater treatment at the airport

For the tasks described at airports, we offer you comprehensive system solutions that comply with the regulatory limits. We will gladly discuss and calculate with you the optimal system for your airport.  Contact us and we look forward to help you!

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