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Creative, industry specific wastewater technology for individual comprehensive solutions - as specific as your needs!


Highly efficient solutions for every type of wastewater

Today, wastewater technology is a field that many industries and companies can profit from. In the entire industrial production chain up to the logistical management there inevitably arises polluted water. Particularly in the manufacturing and processing industries, water as a resource plays an important role. The demands placed on water treatment in industry are naturally high. When treating wastewater, water protection and security play an extremely important role. The modern solutions from AWAS address these challenges.

Therefore, AWAS provides benefits for all industries that have to handle contaminated wastewater as a by-product of the industrial production process. Customized solutions around the world characterize our products, which comply with a variety of regulations and requirements.

Industrial sectors have very special requirements for the treatment of waste water. Oils and fats must be separated from the water. Sludge and dirt particles must be filtered and chemical additives should be extracted consistently.

The AWAS planning team will gladly advise you and provide the right system for you. We can advise you on the specifications, feasibility and other problems in the field of wastewater technology. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us!

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