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28. August 2019

Commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant in Baku Harbour

Commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant in Baku Harbour

Every day thousands of oil tankers leave the port of the city of Baku. This also results in a large amount of contaminated wastewater, bilge water and ballast water from the oil ships. These discharges posed a risk to environmental safety and the technical solution was necessary.

 AWAS has developed a complete modern physical-chemical wastewater treatment system for bilge and ballast water precisely for these impurities. The special features of this technology are the low energy consumption, the compact design of the process technology, which is installed in a technical building, the easy maintenance, the high degree of automation of the control and monitoring of the technological process. AWAS designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the water treatment system.

The following process steps with the innovative AWAS products are included in the project: 

  • The physical-mechanical pre-treatment of the wastewater with the AWAS Galaxy Tower with the discharge of all oils into an oil collection tank
  • Further chemical-free treatment using AWAS Affinity
  • Emulsion splitting, reduction of heavy metals and other ingredients on the molecular level by AWAS ADF flotation
  • The retention of the smallest particles by AWAS sand and carbon filters
  • Sludge treatment and dewatering

In addition to the process engineering, the delivery includes a control management system for external monitoring of the system operation.

Following the customer's contractual terms and conditions, AWAS guarantees the appropriate cleaning performance of the polluted water at the outlet under the defined discharge limits for further discharge into the Caspian Sea.


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