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Committed. Creative. Innovative.

AWAS International – leader in waste water treatment since four decades


Learning from nature…

Our business objective is the development and constant optimization of water treatment plants.
In doing so we learn from nature. We align our technical development work in wastewater technology and the separation of liquids and materials on physical, quantum physical and biophysical process technology, while largely avoiding the use of chemicals.

Our philosophy goes far beyond the technical aspects of our work. As a modern company AWAS faces its social and environmental responsibility too.

Our aim is to develop and use our process technology pro-evolutionary.
We do not only try to treat the waste water according to the state of the art technology and the newest quantum physical AWAS research and development standards but to energize the effluent water in a way that it cleans the water it flows into.

Together we can exceed usual limits and add new paradigms in our actions.
Together we can promote creativity, develop potentials, initiate developments, generate enthusiasm and create new habitats.

The harmony of giving and receiving is set by nature. We are a part of nature.


AWAS Wastewater Technology - with nature and for nature.