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Mission Statement

Mankind has started a war against nature driven by our simplicity and our pride. Our thinking and acting was fixed on a progress of science and knowledge.

The mechanistic-materialistic world view of the Enlightenment led to the rule of specialists:
Physics understands only the academic physicist
Chemistry only the chemist,
Medicine only the medical,
Religion only the priest, …

We are all witnesses to this time, as technological interventions in nature leading to even more serious consequences.

Let us pause and reflect on the forces of nature and orient ourselfs back to the living and organic! Let us try to use what nature shows us in line with the modern idea of quantum mechanics and physics.

Personally, I try to use this perspective to achieve a better understanding of the world and to respect and protect its source of live – water.

Come and join! You can get involved as well. Every step counts, even the smallest!

Yours Heinz Eugen Ihne  
Owner & CEO of AWAS International