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AWAS supplies environmental water treatment technology in Ghana

Water as a resource is becoming increasingly scarce in Ghana. This is due to population growth, urbanisation and the expansion of irrigated agriculture. At the same time, industrialisation is increasing water pollution. As a rule, open water reservoirs are used for Ghana's drinking water supply, into which industrial wastewater also flows. Sewage treatment technology is rarely available. Water treatment in the outdated urban facilities is a major problem.

Treatment of 60.000 Liter of Wastewater Daily

This is where the AWAS project comes in: The company is installing an exemplary wastewater treatment plant at the Ghanaian edible oil producer Ghana Nuts Limited (GNL). This treats the approximately 60,000 litres of wastewater produced daily and returns most of it back to the production process. GNL employees are trained in the operation and maintenance of the plant so that they can continue to use it independently. Information events on the subject of water management are also planned. As part of its commitment, AWAS is installing a public drinking water well in the immediate vicinity of the plant, which will supply, among other things, a hospital under construction. A biological lighting system has been integrated to prevent contamination of the well water.

Knowledge transfer

The project's aim is to promote the transfer of knowledge and the exchange between companies, institutions, the university and the population in Ghana on the subject of water management and in this way to raise awareness. The state environmental authority of Ghana receives support for new norms and standards of water quality. Using the example of installed water treatment plant AWAS wants to gain reliable market data and show itself as a competent partner for water and wastewater treatment in the African market.


"We are a producer of soybean oil and shea butter. We produce about 30 tons of soybean oil and 70 tons of shea butter per day. In the production of oil we need a lot of fresh water. At the same time there is a lot of wastewater. We used to have a lot of trouble with the environmental authorities because we couldn't purify our sewage properly. Through a public private partnership with the German company AWAS, we have today built a wastewater treatment plant. Since we built this plant, we have been protecting the environment. At the same time, we produce cost-effectively because we return the purified water to the production process."

Prince OBENG, Deputy Managing Director
GHANA NUTS Ltd, Techiman, Ghana

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