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Removal of metals, oils and emulsions by an emulsion splitting technology

Oily water treatment from crude oil exploration and refineries

Sea and river ports/terminals and bilge water cleaning

Industrial waste water and process water treatment

Reverse osmosis-concentrate crystallization with new AWAS Zero Liquid Discharge

Efficient waste water engineering & environmental technology

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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technology

AWAS International GmbH, based in Wilnsdorf near Siegen, manufactures industrial wastewater treatment systems since 40 years. We plan and construct the plants according to your requirements and regulations. We help the companies in the oil and petrochemical industry, oil exploration sector, refineriesmetal processing, food industry, international airports and ports, and others to overcome their wastewater challenges and tasks. We clean the wastewater, separate it from oil, sludge and particles, break the emulsions, treat your process water for recycling, and much more.

Core products include oil, sludge and particles separatoremulsion splitting systems, rainwater treatment, new nano-flotation technology and individual water recycling technology.

AWAS Systems help you to reduce your environmental footprint: our products cause no emissions, increase the oil recovery from already produced oil for e.g. up to 99% in the oil exploration sector. They also help you to save your costs – low maintenance makes it possible.

AWAS advises its clients on choosing the best methods and offers everything from a single source. This includes planning, production, installation and service of the water treatment plants.

Feel comfortable to trust your industrial water treatment challenges to AWAS and benefit from an innovative application, a high-quality consulting throughout the project while optimizing capital costs.

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Wastewater Treatment Systems


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